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Telugu Lover’s Meet on 24-09-‘06

Kum. Lakshmi Prasanthi Uppalapati (known for her Dokku face4-http://geocities.com/dokkuface4/) an active member of Telugu Brains and MAD (To Make a difference Yahoo group) is a kind hearted lady. She is sympathetic to issues like child abuse, atrocities on woman and ambitious to help people, who need help. Recently, she conducted a Telugu lover’s meet at Ameerpet, Hyderabad, about which Sowmya wrote at http://www.telugupeople.com/discussion/MultiPageArticle.asp?id=45762&page=1

Allow me to present my account of the event.
The meeting was scheduled at 3 p.m. at Dr Sundar Raj’s clinic almost next to Sri Krishna Sweets. Dr Sundar is busy treating patients for diabetes etc ailments, in Ayurveda way. In Hyderabad you will see many medical shops attached to clinics. The difference here is a doctor almost attached to a sweet shop. Many enthusiastic Telugu lovers started pouring in to the clinic even before appointed time. The meeting started with introductions, as participants there belong to different groups like Telugupeople, Telugu Brains, Telugu blog and MAD people and didn’t know each other.

The meeting lasted for more than 3 hours. The entire atmosphere is charged with dynamic electricity and never there was a dull moment. The following members are present.

1) Phanindra
2) Hanokh Babu
3) Praveen
4) Siva Mangesh
5) Srinivas.Datla
6) Kashyap
7) Cbrao
8) Veeven
9 & 10) Chava Kiran & his friend
11) Lakshmi Prasanthi Uppalapati
12) Naresh
13) Dr.Sundar raj Perumal
14) Kavita
15) Suseela
16) Chandra Lakshmi
17) Sowmya
18) Poolavana Ravikiran
19) Swathi Ravikiran

Prasanthi: She started the deliberations; nay, introductions.

Phanindra is a very good singer and he adores Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. He can speak hours on the lyrics of Sirivennela. He is in software development (DSP Engr) and works for a firm.

Hanok Babu: He is a native of Nellore. He is a good flute player. He is learning Piano as well. Alas he didn’t bring his flute to the meeting on that day. Better luck, next time.

Praveen: He is in software development and writes to telugupeople.com

Siva Mangesh: He works for a financial data firm and had his blogs. He is a member of Telugublog. http://sivamangesh.wordpress.com 

Srinivasaraju datla He is a good looking guy, soft in nature and in software development.
He maintains a blog at http://dsrinivasaraju.blogspot.com/

KASYAP P: He is in software development. ‘ గుంపులో గోవిందయ్య ’ - గా టీపీ లో పిలవబడు కశ్యప్‌ గారి హాస్య చతురత తో అందరినీ నవ్వించారు. He is a regular contributor to www.telugupeople.com

Cbrao: He is fond of reviewing Telugu blogs and ambitious to bring popularity to Telugu blogs. His blog reviews are published in several Telugu groups. He introduced late Sanjivadev (http://tinyurl.com/jl4j8) who was an artiste, art critic, philosopher and writer of several books in English and Telugu on various topics, to the audience. More info about him at

Veeven: He is known for Lekhini, which renders good Telugu transliteration. Most Telugu bloggers use this software for writing their blogs. He is also a Wikipedian and writes to Wikipedia, Telugu encyclopedia. Contrary to expectations he is very simple in nature and great for the contribution of popularity of Telugu blogs. Recently he developed Nikhile which transliterates Telugu to RTS. He talks less and works more in the background. His website Koodali, an amalgamation of all Telugu weblogs is popular among bloggers.
It has links to his other websites
లేఖిని | కూడలి | శోధిని | 3D Logos

Chava Kiran’s friend: Details about Kiran’s friend are not available. Both appear to be colleagues in the same software firm, where they are working.

Chava Kiran: Sharp, reacts quickly to a problem and helpful in attitude. He did yeoman service for the promotion of Telugu on net and a pioneer in Telugu blogs. He works in a MNC as a software developer. Contribution to Wiki: Kiran is one of the seven moderators and is an active participant in Wikipedia. His total edits in Wiki are 919. He is a staunch promoter of Telugu Unicode. He moderates http://groups.google.com/group/telugublog
Kiran's Blog: http://oremuna.com/blog

Lakshmi Prasanthi Uppalapati: She is a native of Nellore and a good samaritan. Fond of the book ‘దళారి పశ్చాత్తాపం’ ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ written by John Perkins and arranges seminar to discuss the contents of this book. She is organizing a seminar on this book in Nellore on Oct 15, 4 pm to 7 pm. All book-lovers can attend this meet. She is on the look-out for volunteers for social service activities, for which she has several ideas. She writes good modern songs and reads them to her friends.

Naresh: He is a neighbour of Dr. Sundar Raj. Though he says that he didn't read much, he knows many things. He is a good reader and good singer as well. He can sing old Hindi songs very well. He remembers the lyrics too.

Dr.Sundar raj Perumal: He is knowledgeable in Sanskrit, Ayurveda and Yoga. He conducts Yoga classes everyday in the morning at his clinic, free of charge. He entertained the audience with jokes in Sanskrit language. Though most participants do not know Sanskrit, most of us enjoyed because of his good rendition of Sanskrit coupled with good performance. We had a hearty laugh. Dr. Sundar Raj - 93924-91036.

Dr. Kavita: Friend of Dr.Sunder Raj

Suseela: Sister of Dr.Sunder Raj. She served fruit salad to all the participants.

Chandra Lakshmi: She is a doctor working in the clinic of Dr.Sundar Raj.

Sowmya: Bubbly and friendly in nature. A Tamilian who writes book reviews in Telugu language and a student of IIIT, in Hyderabad. It is needless to say that she loves to read books. Know more about her at http://www.bitingsparrow.com/biosymphony/Sowmyablogreview.pdf
Sowmya’s blog at http://vbsowmya.wordpress.com/
She participated actively in the discussions. She wrote F.I.R. about this meet at http://www.telugupeople.com/discussion/MultiPageArticle.asp?id=45762&page=1 She is a regular contributor to www.telugupeople.com. Recently she joined as a member of Telugublog.

Kotta Ravikiran: He is more popular as Poolavana Ravikiran. He always wonders at the beauty of Telugu script, different fonts and language. He is a lover of Telugu literature and nature. He likes trekking in the hills and drenching himself in the wild rain. He is a book lover and likes Osho philosophy. He works in an animation studio and naturally likes a work that is creative. To know more about him visit his website at http://www.poolavana.com/

Swathi Ravikiran: She is wife of Kotta Ravikiran and mother of Neha. She is a post graduate in management and at present using all her skills in managing house and Ravikiran.

As I wrote earlier, participants are not familiar with each other. Most of the time was spent in introductions. Prasanthi informed the gathering about the availability of funds/sources and invited volunteers to join her social service activities. The entire meeting went on with full of jokes on poems/poets and other topics. The meeting brought few lovers of Telugu to a common platform. Let us all wish that it is a beginning for a much more meaningful meetings in future.

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Sowmya చెప్పారు...

:) Think its ur account on the people there and not about the event Rao gaaru... :)

Dr.isMail చెప్పారు...

Rao garu,

Telugu Lovers అంటే నేను అబ్బో ప్రేమికులకు కూడా ఓ సమావేశం అని ఆశ్చర్యపోయాను...తర్వాత తెలిసింది తెలుగు భాషా ప్రేమికులకని...నేను లేకపోయానే అనే చిన్న బాధ.

Veeven చెప్పారు...

Good summary!

Carani Narayana Rao చెప్పారు...

You summed up the meet well.You have got a great linguistic felicity.

radhi చెప్పారు...

rao garu nenu india lo lenandi ippudu.kaani andari gurinchi telusukovadam cahala happy ga aniponchindi.

perugu.ramakrishna చెప్పారు...

nice to see so many friends
pleasure to meet u soon.

అజ్ఞాత చెప్పారు...

మిమ్మల్ని (సాహితీ ప్రియుల సమావేశం) చూస్తుంటే నాకు కోంచెం అసూయ గానూ చాల సంతోషంగానూ ఉంది. ఇక్కడ అమెరికాలో అదీ మా ఊళ్ళో ఇలాంటివి ఎందుకు లేవా అని అసూయ అక్కడ తెలుగు మీద అభిమానం ఉన్న వాళ్ళు కొత్త సాంకేతిక పరిజ్ఞానం ఉపయోగించుకుంటూ ఒకరినొకరి కలుసుకోవటం చూస్తుంటే సంతోషం కలుగుతున్నాయి.


నాగరాజా చెప్పారు...

ఆ ఫ్రూట్ సాలడ్ గురించి వ్రాయడం మరిచిపోయారండీ? ఈ సారి ఇండియా వచ్చినప్పుడు అందరినీ కలుసుకోవాలని ఉంది.

koresh చెప్పారు...

antha mandi goppa valla gurinchina information okka chota rasarandi cbrao gaaru danya vaddalu, puurthiga andarini study chesi maro saari vrasthanu,

వ్యాఖ్యను పోస్ట్ చెయ్యండి